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2021 Match Play Championship Rules

 General information:

  1. This is a POD play to single elimination bracket event. Players will be put into a POD of three players guaranteeing each player a minimum of two matches.

  2. Finals to be held at Half Moon Bay – Ocean Course on Saturday, October 16. Final round will be paid for by the club. Finalists must play on this date or forfeit match.

  3. This event requires flexibility from all participants. Please be flexible when trying to determine a date, time, and course to play vs your competitor. I would suggest that each match try and find a course mid-way between each person’s home however, if agreed upon, you can play anywhere. I will intervene if necessary to conclude the match

  4. Prize fund distribution to be posted by May 26, 2021 TBD by tournament committee.

  5. All prizes will be applied to optional Half Moon bay event, or other, to be used before December 31, 2021.

  6. All participants will receive 15 participation points.Points will not be given based on finish.

  7. Schedule: Rounds but be completed AND reported by the following dates:

All POD Play: July 13 (7 weeks/weekends from start of event)

Bracket Play – Round 1: Aug 18 (5 weeks/weekends)

Bracket Play – Round 2: Sept. 22 (5 weeks/weekends)

Bracket Play – Round 3: Oct. 13 (3 weeks/weekends)

Finals: Saturday, Oct. 16


Rules of Play:

USGA Rules of Golf are in effect. It is the individual player’s responsibility to know the Rules of Golf and the Conditions of the Competition. Players will receive 90% of course handicap for match play!


Course Selection:

You may only play the same golf course ONCE in the course of the competition. A match contested at the same course as a previous match will be considered null and the players must re-play the match prior to the deadline or be disqualified.


Tee Markers:

The handicap system allows players to play from different sets of tees if they choose. If you choose to do so and are uncertain how to implement handicaps and need assistance, please call Lionel at 510-364-5696 or by email at


Calculating Handicaps:

Players are responsible for verifying their opponent’s handicap index (use index as of day of match) when determining each player’s COURSE HANDICAP. I highly recommend using the NCGA App to convert index of all players to Course Handicaps (CH):

  1. Per World Golf Handicap guidelines, all players will compete at a 90% handicap allowance, with the low handicap player playing to scratch. For example, if player A is a 9, player B is a 16, each player would receive 90% of that CH.  So here, player A would play to an 8 and player B to a 14. Taking the difference between the two players (14-8 = 6), player A will receive 0 strokes while player B would receive 6 strokes, the difference between the two. 

  2. If you would like help with this process please call Lionel at 510-364-5696 or email to


Ties/Extra Holes:


Matches that are tied after 9 or 18 holes results in a tie (or halved).  Each match is worth 3 points. 1 Point for the winner of the front 9, 1 point for the winner of the back 9, and 1 point for the winner of the overall match. “Ties” are worth .5 points. The match winner will be required to submit the match results.  If the match ends in a tie, 1.5 pts each, either team can submit the results, just coordinate.


If your match requires more than 18 holes to determine a winner, playoffs are determined as follows:

  1. Sudden Death - Ask the golf course to play an additional hole(s) (mention that you are playing a match for your men's club if necessary). Start on hole number one. Handicap or stroke holes will be the same as the first 18 holes and play will continue until a winner is determined by a player winning a hole outright - Sudden Death.

  2. If option “1” is not available (i.e. course has tournament after your match, darkness, etc…), you must play an additional match of 9 or 18 holes, agreed to by both players, prior to the Round’s deadline.


Reporting Match Results:

Upon completion of your match, you MUST submit your match details using the new online form created for this event. This form can be accessed HERE. Failure to submit your information will result in the match not being “official”, and the disqualification of both players from the competition.


Result of Match Officially Announced:

The result of a match will be considered officially announced when the online form is received by the Committee and the match result has been posted to the web site. A match with a pending claim (see below) is not officially announced despite the results email being received until the pending claim is resolved by the Committee and winner posted on the web site.


Doubt as to Procedure/Claims:

In match play, if doubt or a dispute arises between players, a player may make a claim to their opponent. They must then inform the Committee immediately which might be by phone (try and reach Lionel by phone at 510-364-5696 during your match) or by email immediately following your match before the results are official (see above). A claim will only be considered if it is (i) timely, (ii) the player informs his opponent he is making a claim or wants a ruling and (iii) the player has notified his opponent of the facts upon which the claim is to be based. For more information on claims, please read Rule 2 of the USGA Rules of Golf HERE.



The Committee has the authority to modify a player’s handicap for future matches, or indefinitely, if that player’s result from a previous match(s) so warrants.



Players must maintain active membership in the Sunol Valley Men’s Golf Club for the 2018 season in order to be eligible. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification from the event.

Match Play Rules

Download PDF Version of Match Play Rules

Match Play Result Submission
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